How easy is it to sell on eBay?: 4 Simple Steps

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eBay has been running since 1995 and is based in the United States. From a small e-commerce website to a global online business platform with over 25 million sellers worldwide and 1.6 billion listings, eBay has grown from a small e-commerce website to a global online business platform.

If you believe that selling on eBay is difficult, you are incorrect simply by thinking so. It is as simple as creating a social media page, creating a profile, and selling on the Facebook marketplace. You simply need to understand how to increase the visibility of your website to gain customers.

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4 Simple Steps to Selling on eBay

It is crucial to research before selling items on eBay. You can learn about how to run a business in this way. You should avoid selling without any preparation because you will most likely lose more money than you make. Although selling on eBay is not difficult, you should not assume that you can do everything without first learning how eBay works and how to sell on this e-commerce platform.

If you want to know how simple it is to sell on eBay, follow these four simple steps to get started.

1. Follow all eBay’s policies

Read eBay’s policies before selling on eBay to avoid any violation that can result in your account suspension. 

Prohibited and Restricted Item

Before you sell items on eBay, you should know what to sell and whatnot. eBay has a list of restricted and prohibited items, some of these are:

  • sexually explicit materials
  • nudity
  • all the types of alcohol are not allowed unless approved by eBay
  • Unpasteurized dairy products (except cheese that follows government guidelines)
  • Unpasteurized fruit or vegetable juice
  • Expired food
  • used underwear and socks
  • Automatic knives
  • Butterfly knives

To know more about eBay’s prohibited and restricted items, visit eBay’s website

Listing Policies

eBay requires the sellers to make their own product descriptions and must accurately describe their actual products. The sellers should use the images of their products or from the eBay catalog. When you list items, they should be tangible or touchable, not a service or blank listing. 

Additionally, when you think you can put popular keywords on the title that does not match your product or like making a clickbait to attract buyers, well, you can’t. Sellers who engage in this behavior are penalized by eBay. eBay does this to avoid fraud and infringement.

eBay has many policies that you should read and follow. Read more about their policies.  

2. Register on eBay

 There are two options on how to set up your account on eBay. Whether you will register with a personal account or a business account. You can sell in both options. However, in a personal account, it is more likely like a casual selling type of business in which you will sell your items that you no longer use and want to get rid of them by selling them on eBay. It is more like for yourself, and the items available to you. 

Business account, on the other hand, is for entrepreneurs with companies and their products to sell. They are manufacturers of their goods and producers. So if you are handling a large business or company, then consider setting up a business account. It’s a legal requirement for companies.

3. Optimize your Profile

After registering an account on eBay, whether it’s a personal or business account, the next thing you should do is to make your profile. Go to the “My eBay” link and optimize your profile. How? Upload a professional-looking portrait of you and include important information to make it easy for your potential customers to trust you. When you don’t optimize your profile, it might not be as enticing as you think. Customers may be hesitant to purchase from you since you don’t have much information they can learn about you. Also, make sure that you post a picture of yourself, not a celebrity, etc.

4. Create a Listing

After reading eBay’s policies, I guess you already have an idea in mind of what you will sell on eBay or have verified that the item you are going to sell is not among the restricted items on eBay. So now, you can create a listing of your item on eBay. But first, learn about the two tools that can make your listing process easier and faster.

There are two eBay listing forms you can use on eBay to expedite your listing process.

Quick Listing Form

First is the quick listing form. It works by helping you find similar items of your products when you search for a keyword. For example, you are selling your old computer table, search for “computer table”. eBay will give you a list of items based on the keyword you search. If you found a listing that is similar to your item, there is an option that you can see “sell one like this”. You can click that option and use the template to sell items easily. You can also edit some information, variation, etc. 

Advance Listing Form

The advance listing form, on the other hand, is similar to the quick listing form. These both aid in simplifying your listing process, but this one is commonly used in a large business or company with multiple products to sell. It simplifies and expedites the process of bulk listing.

You still have the option of creating a manual listing. However, if you are new to eBay and want to learn how to properly list a product, use eBay’s tools first, either the quick listing form or the advance listing form.

There is another way to sell on eBay without having your inventory, through KalDrop dropshipping. If you fear an account suspension due to the restrictions and policies of eBay, worry not. With KalDrop, you are safe from eBay flagging since it is a non-API eBay lister which is 100% effective in protecting your account.

If you want to learn more about how to sell on eBay, you can visit this site. It provides a comprehensive discussion of how to start a business on eBay.