Importance Of Good Titles

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Setting up an eCommerce store on a platform like Amazon, eBay or Shopify is simple, but deciding on an item title might be difficult.
After all, you want your item title to be detailed enough to let customers know what you’re offering while still being fascinating enough to get them to click on it.
Furthermore, some sites that may market your products, such as Google Shopping, have particular item title criteria and will not accept items that do not follow them.
Thus, using a title builder can save you the hassle of creating attractive titles.

Why Is A Good Title Important?

Why Is A Good Title Important?

Aside from the picture and price, the title of your product listing is one of the first things the customer will see, and it gives your product a name.
Not only that, but titles are essential outside of eBay since search engines use them to determine where your goods appear in search results!
The title of your listing is an opportunity to educate and entice potential customers about the item you’re selling.
A good title conveys a clear picture of your item, increasing the likelihood that buyers will find it and bid or buy it.

How To Create A Good Title?

If you are struggling to create some good titles, here is all you need to do:

Include The MPN And Brand 

This assists the program in categorizing your items adequately and increases your chances of getting noticed on third-party shopping sites such as Google.

When Describing Your Item, Use Simple Terms

The objective of an item title is to inform customers about the item and pique their interest enough to get them to click through to your listing.
You simply need to add enough information to give consumers a quick overview of your product.
This may be accomplished by utilizing simple terms that clearly state what your product is.

Make The Most Of The Character Limit By Utilizing Powerful Keywords. 

While it is not advisable to use extraneous terms in your title just to meet the character restriction, if the character limit allows, you may wish to include some more words for describing your product.

Google Shopping

If you’re not sure how to phrase your item title, consider looking it up on Google Shopping.
This will assist you in analyzing your item in terms of search terms.
It will also provide you insight into the titles that other Google-approved vendors are utilizing.

When Possible, Mention Characteristics Such As Color, Gender, Or Item Kind.

The sort of thing you’re selling should be at the start of the title.
When possible, gender and brand should come first, as these are the essential characteristics, while color should come last.


Your title is the first thing eBay looks at when it comes to your listing.
Make sure to optimize your title for the correct search phrases before moving on to the next step.
But first, a word of caution.
This isn’t about “keyword stuffing,” when you toss in as many keywords as you can without consideration for relevancy or readability. 

A good title should be easy to read.
The more “work” you have a customer do to understand the headline, the more they will detest your listing subconsciously, especially if other results are simpler to read.