What Is A Good Title?

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The title of your product is what gets you into the product catalog.
The search engines scan your title and list your products in the search results.
As a result, titles should be concise, precise, and fascinating to pique buyers’ interest in seeking your unique products.
In this article, we give some simple suggestions on how to write titles that sell.
You could also consider using a title builder tool to make the process a lot easier.

What Is A Good Title?

What Is A Good Title?

A good title successfully presents a clear image to consumers, increasing your chances of earning a sale.
The product you’re selling is advertised in your product description.
It will give a chance to educate and entice customers to take a look at your product.
A combination of a well-written, successful listing title and other characteristics creates a positive first impression in seconds, may translate into purchases in minutes, and can increase views in hours.

How To Write A Title?

Here is how you can create catchy titles for your listings:

  • The product title should use simple vocabulary to explain the product.
  • Distinguishing product characteristics included in the title should identify the product from other comparable items.
  • Add relevant keywords in the title.
  • Instead of appearing as a series of terms, titles should be easy to read and cohesive.
  • Except for brand or product names that begin with lower-case nouns, titles should be made up of capitalized terms. 
  • Avoid conjunctions and articles like “the,” “for,” “in,” “an,” “to,” “a,” “from,” and “with,” as much as possible in titles.
  • The product’s key characteristics should be described in as few words as possible in the title. 
  • The length of a title should not exceed the limit. Otherwise, the search engines will ignore any other characters not included.
  • Titles for catalog entries should be unique; they should not be similar to the titles of other catalog entries.

What Shouldn’t Be Included In A Title?

There are a few things you need to be wary of while writing titles for your products:

  • Don’t give incorrect or misleading information.
  • Avoid email addresses, website addresses, and phone numbers.
    The selling of domain names is an exception.
  • Avoid words like “look” and “wow.” These aren’t terms that buyers look for.
  • Prohibited, forbidden, and unlawful are all terms to avoid.
  • Make sure there are no errors! While most people can understand misspelled words, they will fool most search engines and classification programs.
  • Only write in one language, the language of the marketplace you’re utilizing (e.g., English for eBay.com, French for eBay.fr, etc.).
    Your product might end up in the wrong category if it has several language titles.
  • Avoid using plurals in titles unless the product is sold in pairs, such as boots, skis, gloves, shoes, and so on. 
  • Do not use promotional text, pricing, conditions, irrelevant search keywords, or delivery choices.


The titles of the products you sell online must express exactly what you’re selling straightforwardly and concisely.
While this may appear to be self-evident, people frequently miss it.
You must make it easy for potential consumers to find your product among the dozens or hundreds of others available through search tools, visual search, or category browsing.
Since a strong title improves sales, putting work into crafting one will pay off in the long run.